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Core Faculty Development Program

Much of the faculty development calendar is made up of programming designed to target 7 core faculty domains of faculty identity that we seek to cultivate in our faculty.

Include Sessions that

  • review teaching and learning fundamentals, including learning session design and assessment, active learning, teaching with technology, and flipped classroom approaches,
  • support faculty service work and leadership development, including committee leadership orientations, optimal operation in shared governance structures, working in and leading teams, presentation and communication skills,
  • support scholarship development, including research and scholarship agenda development, team construction and alignment, and collaborative projects,
  • review contemporary trends in medical education,
  • provide training in educational technology, including instructional podium technology, Canvas, Camtasia, and other instructional tools.

Fall 2022 Faculty & Professional Development Calendar

Faculty & Professional Development Session Archives

The Faculty Development Program at CUSM supports faculty to be effective:

  • Independent, emotionally intelligent and creative servant leaders who build effective and collaborative teams;
  • Effective administrators capable of making and executing plans, strategies, and policies, skillfully managing people and resources;
  • Antiracist, development- and growth-focused, compassionate educators who engage in inclusive teaching, transformative pedagogy, and continuous improvement;
  • Researchers who actively engage students and the community in research projects and scholarly work that advances medical science;
  • Communicators who actively listen, facilitate open discussion, and demonstrate clear speaking and writing skills;
  • Global citizens who recognize and promote the diversity of background and beliefs among faculty, staff, students, and the broader local and global community in which we live;
  • Compassionate, patient-focused clinicians who demonstrate superior listening, diagnostic, and treatment skills.


Canvas Certification Program


To provide vital training for faculty and staff in our Canvas LMS, The Canvas training program offers 2 certificate levels (non-credit-bearing). Coursework includes training in Canvas itself, but also provides review of many basic teaching skills and best online teaching practices. Access is available for all CUSM faculty and staff and consists of:

  • Asynchronous online courses held in Canvas,
  • Supplemental (and optional) support materials such as webinars, articles, and tutorial videos available in a topical repository in Canvas,
  • Instructional support component: Regular in-person support, coordinated with online course material.

(Complete all 3 courses below)

  • Canvas 101: Intro to Teaching w/ Canvas (4 weeks, up to 10 hours/week)
  • Canvas 102: Intro to Asynchronous Online Teaching & Learning (4 weeks, up to 10 hours/week)
  • Canvas 103: Creating Accessible Course Content (4 weeks, up to 10 hours/week)

(Complete Canvas 201 and any 2 other courses from the list below)

  • Canvas 201: Intro to Course Design (4 weeks, up to 10 hours/week)
  • Canvas 202: Assessment in Digital Learning (4 weeks, up to 10 hours/week)
  • Canvas 203: 10-10-10: Communication that Matters (4 weeks, up to 10 hours/week)
  • Canvas 204: Humanizing Online Teaching & Learning (4 weeks, up to 10 hours/week)
  • Canvas 205: Equity & Culturally Responsive Teaching (4 weeks, up to 10 hours/week)
  • Canvas 206: Intro to LIVE Online Teaching & Learning (4 weeks, up to 10 hours/week)

Each course earns a digital badge of completion, and the completion of a full course sequence earns a certificate granted by CUSM Faculty & Professional Development. Courses are supported with regular drop-in support hours in the Faculty Hub to provide supplemental help on course work.

(Complete Canvas 201 and any 2 other courses from the list below)

October 2022 Canvas 101 Registration deadline: 10/5/22

February 2023 Canvas 101 Registration deadline: 2/1/23

March 2023 Canvas 102 Registration deadline: 3/8/23

April 2023 Canvas 103 Registration deadline: 4/5/23


Continuing Education Pathways: Certificates and Degrees

CUSM has partnered with the University of Redlands and the University of Saskatchewan to provide credit-bearing certificates and degrees to CUSM faculty and staff who wish to augment their formal education. For more information, contact Dr. Jonathan Townsend, Director of Faculty and Professional Development, at

Project Management (Redlands)

Organizational Leadership (Redlands)

LGBTQ Leadership (Redlands)

Mental Health and Spirituality (Redlands)

Black Justice (Redlands)

Master of Business Administration (Redlands)

Master of Science in Business Analytics (Redlands

Master of Education in Health Professions Education (U of Saskatchewan)

Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (Redlands)

Bachelor of Science in Business (Redlands)


Resources & Session Archives