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The academic strength of CUSM and ARMC is the commitment of the leadership, faculty, and students to advance the translational research through the integration of basic biomedical and clinical sciences, while engaging global, educational, and community health sciences for promoting health and curing illness.

The traditional approach to research as a standalone and isolated component of the higher education institution is not effective anymore. The inquiry and discovery processes at CUSM and ARMC are based on research integration of basic biomedical, clinical, and global sciences. This approach serves our mission to advance the concepts of biomedical, clinical, and global health sciences through scholarly activity and develop the art of applying these concepts to enhance the state of health and reduce the condition of illness for the individual, the family, and the community.


We offer research opportunities that emphasize collaboration among faculty and students at the interdisciplinary level:


MD Scholar Program in basic science is a great opportunity for the MD students to distinguish themselves academically to be competitive in the various residency programs.

This is a research opportunity with financial support for laboratory consumables. The MD Scholar programs help the students in establishing their track record of publications and experience in specific research tracks. At the end of the program, the MD scholar student will demonstrate proficiency and autonomy in their research skills in the form of professional peer-reviewed publication/s, presentations, and/or grant writing. MD students who successfully complete this program would be recognized as “MD Scholars” on the Dean’s Letter and will graduate with honors. The program starts from the first year in medical school and is completed in the 4th year before graduation.


A 7-week summer research opportunity with stipend support will be available for MD1 students. The areas of research include:

  • Basic Science Research
  • Clinical Research
  • Educational Research
  • Global/ Commmunity Research

SSRP Expectations Objective
SSRP application

Research opportunities are available on a voluntary basis to all students who are interested in maintaining their edge in recent research and scholarly activity trends. The list of available projects and contacts is updated frequently.

List of Research Opportunities


Student Research and Scholarly Activity Mini-Grants (SRG)

The Research Department created the Student Research and Scholarly Activity Mini-Grants (SRG) of $10,000 annually. The SRG funds expenses for up to $1,000 per project, primarily for survey-based research projects. The applications will be reviewed and scored by a committee of members who are experts in the proposed project and determine eligibility for funding.

Mini-Grant Proposal Guidelines

To apply for the SRG, you must provide the following details when completing the SRG application.
  • Project title
  • Project background and significance
  • Project objectives/goals
  • Methods and tools that will be used
  • Design plan and timeline
  • Budget and Justification (not to exceed $1000)
  • Citations/references to support your research.
  • A statement of feasibility and support from the faculty mentor
Students can find the SRG application on the Research Department SharePoint site.