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MBS Program Overview

The Master of Biomedical Sciences Program at CUSM is the foundation for a career in the health sciences or an advanced degree in the health field, such as MD, DO, DDS, PhD, or related professions such as nursing, pharmacy, research, physician assistant, and education. In the 10-month intensive program, students are immersed in core subjects in biomedical sciences such as neuroscience, biochemistry, human genetics, immunology, critical research thinking, and healthcare ethics.

CUSM's MD program faculty teach the MBS program courses. CUSM has extensive and global experience in medicine, research, and teaching. With a limited cohort of 60 students, personal focus and attention are provided to meet individual goals.

CUSM students are from diverse backgrounds with unique goals. However, all are interested in the university's mission to advance the art and science of medicine through innovative education, research, and compassionate healthcare delivery. CUSM is committed to supporting health equity and accessibility in the Inland Empire region of California and beyond. Preference is given to applicants from California's Inland Empire communities.

Learn more about the CUSM MBS program from current students.




Guaranteed Interview with CUSM MD Program.


  • MBS students concluding their program and for two years following graduation
  • Students with a fall semester MBS GPA of 3.2 or higher and MCAT score of at least the national average for the most recent year
  • Must apply to the CUSM MD program through AMCAS

The conditional admit pathway is a competitive program, and the CUSM MD Admissions Committee will select up to 15 candidates following an interview and application review.


  • Students currently enrolled in the MBS program
  • Fall semester MBS GPA of 3.5 or higher and an MCAT score of at least the national average for the most recent year.
  • Must submit AMCAS and CUSM secondary applications by stated deadlines
  • Must take the MCAT before starting the MBS program or early in the MBS fall semester
  • If offered a conditional MD acceptance, a student must graduate from the MBS program with an overall GPA of 3.7 or higher.
*Students participating in either pathway program must submit a complete AMCAS and CUSM secondary application and complete all required steps in the CUSM MD Admissions process within the stated timeframe.




Vanessa Orozco, PhD

MBS Program Director, Assistant Professor of Medical Education


Linda Connelly, PhD

Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs, Professor of Medical Education, Physiology, Pharmacology


Jun Ling, PhD

PhD Professor of Medical Education, Biochemistry, Immunology


Maiyon Park, PhD

Associate Professor of Medical Education, Physiology


Ou Zhang, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medical Education, Microbiology



MBS Class Profile

Microsoft PowerBI Class Profile Dashboard


Have a Question?

Prospective students may contact the CUSM Admissions office to schedule a tour or ask questions.

(909) 490-5910