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CUSM Early Decision Program

Through the Early Decision Program (EDP), prospective students may secure acceptance to California University of Science and Medicine by October 1. Through EDP, CUSM seeks to enroll candidates with keen observational skills, critical thinking skills, comprehensive analytical abilities, compassion, integrity, and excellent interpersonal skills.


EDP Dates and Deadlines
May 31, 2023 1st Day to Submit AMCAS
August 1, 2023 Primary AMCAS application and transcripts deadline
August 24, 2023 Official MCAT Score Deadline
August 31, 2023 Secondary Material Deadline
August 25 - September 22, 2023 Interviews
October 1, 2023 Notification of Decisions
*EDP interviews will be held from August 25, 2023, to September 22, 2023


EDP Application Requirements

Apply to only the CUSM MD Program by August 1 through AMCAS.

*NOTE -Do not apply through the Early Decision Program if you have already submitted an initial or secondary application (AMCAS or non-AMCAS) to a U.S. medical school for the current entering class.

If not accepted to CUSM under the Early Decision Program, applicants will automatically be placed in the regular applicant pool and may apply to additional schools.

Early Decision Program regulations apply to both AMCAS and non-AMCAS participating schools. Only applicants with an excellent chance of admission (exceeds all baseline requirements) should apply under this program.

Please read the reference material at the links below to ensure a complete understanding of the Early Decision Program and related restrictions.

Information on EDP – AAMC