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The University requires that student health insurance coverage is continuous from enrollment through graduation, regardless of whether the academic schedule includes classroom instruction or participation in clinical rotations.

Health insurance is available to all students and their dependents. The instructions to request the use of a student's personal insurance coverage rather than purchasing the student health insurance plan selected by the University (i.e., waiver) are provided during the matriculation/orientation process.

Waivers are required every year regardless of whether one is already on file from the previous year. Students who do not meet the required deadlines will be responsible for the total cost of the premium. The University does not provide student health insurance coverage. Instead, we work with a third-party broker.

If students decide not to take the health insurance offered by the University, they may purchase other coverage or provide evidence of existing coverage that meets the following minimum requirements:

  • Major medical coverage of at least $500,000 / policy year
  • Maximum $5,000 annual deductible
  • Maximum 80/20 in-network and 60/40 out-of-network coinsurance
  • A provider network in the University area for primary care, specialty, hospital, and diagnostic care
  • Coverage for the entire academic year, including summer and holidays
  • US Based health plan
  • Coverage for accidental exposure to environmental and biological hazards
  • Coverage for mental healthcare, immunizations, prescriptions, and annual exams

Students who lose their coverage must contact the Office of Student Affairs and Admissions before the termination date and submit a termination letter within 31 days to prevent a lapse in coverage. Failure to notify the office could result in suspension from clinical participation and possible termination from the program.

Students who return to a program for remediation purposes and after more than 31 days of enrollment must also comply with the student health insurance requirements and maintain comparable health insurance coverage.